Yes, the BMPCC is fully capable of filming action sports too!
Our last edit documenting the swell of the decade…

This Drama – the wasted youth

This Drama is Canary Islands’ most international and prolific punk rock band. They’ve toured the USA and Europe a couple of times and played on some pretty big stages with a bunch of bands you probably listen to on your iPod. Maybe you’ve even listened their song “She had a knife” on Tony Hawks video game!

We’ve been friends for quite a while and we’ve produced some of their promotional imagery over the last few years.
Their last album, called ‘the wasted youth‘ and released on CD and limited edition vinyl under Deep Elm Records, has a cover photo that Sergio shot on a road trip to Portugal.

Find out more about them here


Last month we decided to move forward with the video part of the agency. This year video kept us really busy, but there’s something we don’t like at all about the dSLR cameras: the codec they use to compress the video files. You spend days, weeks or months organizing a shoot, you go and film, and when you sit in front of the computer and start checking the files you see there’s nothing but strange artifacts on shadows and blown out highlights. Then you have everything in between, but completely useless when it comes to do a real color grading.

When we first heard about this tiny Blackmagic camera we couldn’t help bookmarking a few forums talking about people’s thoughts on it. Some time and a bunch of firmware updates have passed since it was first released, and now it’s considered by many a professional camera inside the body of a prosumer the same size of an iphone. 13 stops of dynamic range and what’s more important, two codecs two choose from: proRes (which is ALL you´ll need for most of the situations) and cinemaDNG RAW files (one single raw file for each frame).
In addition, you can attach to the camera any lens you already have using an adapter.

We took the camera in our pocket (literally) and filmed a few clips the last week. Don’t expect nothing to call home about. It’s all handheld unstabilized stuff here…

Enjoy it!

Volcom Youth Fall/Winter 2013 catalogue


Our friends at Volcom released their current season catalogue with the photos of the YOUTH photoshoot we did in Trondheim (Norway) last year. Go and check out their stuff online!






Some photos of a recent hike we did with friends. The island was looking amazing after the heavy rain of last month…

Starboard SUP catalogue 2014

Starboard’s next year catalogue is out and comes with 3 double pages of Vilayta shot during the last winter by Sergio Villalba.