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NewZealand. Day 05.

The day I shot the sunrise on the first place on earth that sees the sun every morning, jumped in a chopper and shot scenery from the sky. The same day that all the spanish still competing went through and locked my car keys inside the trunk…

See this link for the aerial stuff.

NewZealand. Day 04.

Good times!

NewZealand. Day 03. Still dark and choppy.

Is NZ’s beauty an invention of the Lonely Planet or is it just that it’s been cloudy, rainy and onshore since I arrived?
Can’t wait to see the light boys… I’m feeling down!

NewZealand. Day 01 + 02.

30 hours inside a plane, 8 hours in airports and 6 hours behind the wheel.
Jetlag is showing mercy though!

First day of the O’neill Cold Water Classic in Gisborne, New Zealand’s North Island.

Check out the photos here

Exploring the island of La Gomera

Hey! Just came back from the island of La Gomera, another of the forgotten places in the Canary Islands.
Jonathan, Vilayta and me always had a place in mind. One out of just a few of flat places in such a steep island. A hard to access reefbreak where we heard there’s a proper wave. We packed our vans with food and blankets and left in the middle of a storm that hit the island this week.
We got stoked to found the place and the wave. And yeah, it’s not only a left hander, there’s also a right hander nearby.
We were just able to score the very first day. The wind turned onshore the next days and there was nothing to do there.
It was good fun visiting the island one more time with friends and girldfriends though.
Will keep you updated on future explorations!

Scouting La Palma

Exploring new places is always difficult. It normally means long times on the road, deceptions and finally… the success!
We are in the island of La Palma, driving the island up and down and found a few sketchy waves and definitely a world class wave which we won’t probably see going 0ff this time as the swell is dropping.